BentLine Technology®

Advance Packaging Corporation introduces BentLine Technology, the first of its kind in North America. Compared to traditional in-line print and die cutting where both are done at one machine in the same pass, BentLine Technology uses two separate machines that operate as one unit. This process allows us to run both presses simultaneously, while focusing on the individual process for optimal quality and run spends.  Click here for the first trademark for the BentLine Technology at Advance Packaging Corporation.

This unique way of printing and die cutting combines a Gopfert 8-Color Ovation direct print flexo press and a Bobst Mastercut 2.1 platen die cutter, which together significantly outperforms the output of a traditional in-line printer and die cutter.

By introducing our new BentLine Technology we are 'Bending the Cost Curve' through innovation by performing at unprecedented run speeds which also allows for quicker turn-around and speed to market. In doing so, we are not compromising the quality of your packaging or displays - We're improving upon it!

Please click here to contact us for more information on how our BentLine Technology can benefit your packaging.