For over 50 years, Advance Packaging has taken customer’s design concepts and turned them into a vibrant reality. Partnering with our team of graphics experts ensures that retail packaging and displays will remain consistent with existing branding. Utilizing Advance Packaging’s graphics services allows our customers to see PDF 3-D renderings and/or full size color digital mockups.

Our graphics services include:

  • Graphic design: creation or interpretation
  • Prepress: Experts convert artwork to press ready files for the best quality reproduction
  • Color matching: Whether it be litho, digital or direct print flexo, matching color consistently is of the utmost importance. Our in-house ink kitchen, press side spectrophotometer and software, lighted viewing conditions and proofing procedures insure our customers that the print will be a good match to the proof and ink draw-down they approved

All employees at Advance Packaging are constantly engaging in continued education to provide our customers with the best possible practices. Our Graphics team remains on the cutting edge of industry leading printing techniques and technologies.