ISTA Testing Laboratory

The Advance Packaging ISTA certified test laboratory conducts independent, third-party ISTA testing services through a variety of package test methods. Following ISTA package testing protocols and requirements, Advance Packaging’s test lab offers manufacturers and distributors ISTA testing services for ISTA 1 Series package integrity testing, ISTA 3 Series general simulation package tests and ISTA 6 Series. Use our ISTA packaging tests to evaluate packaging strength, integrity, and performance for your packaged products.

ISTA Testing Turnaround Time

ISTA certified test reports and expert commentary from Advance Packaging ISTA certified laboratory professionals will be delivered within 1-2 weeks from receipt of test packaging.

ISTA-Certified Test Reports

At the completion of your ISTA-certified testing procedure, you will receive a certified ISTA Laboratory Test Report detailing specifications of the package and product, test methods applied for each test phase performed, and pass or fail results of your test.

In addition, Advance Packaging’s ISTA certified laboratory test professionals will provide expert opinions where necessary to support conclusions and/or assist with further package development.

Courier Delivery Services

Many shippers, including UPS require certified ISTA package testing to hold manufacturers and suppliers more accountable for providing adequate packaging and in order to consider damage claims. Others including FedEx have comparable testing and performance measures that must be met.



• International Safe Transit Association Testing Standards
• Series 1, 1A through 1H Testing
• Series 3, 3A through 3H Testing
• Series 6, 6H Sam's Club Testing
• Conditioned Laboratory Environment Set to TAPPI Standards

ISTA Laboratory Testing Equipment

Random Vibration Table

• Table Size—60″ x 60″
• Max. Capacity—6,100 Lbs.
• Random and Sine Vibration Capabilities
• Max. Displacement 2.0″

Compression Tester

• Platen Size 50″ x 50″
• Max. Force 15,000 Lbs.

Semi-Automatic Free Fall Drop Tester

• Payload Capacity: 165 Lbs.
• ASTM Approved Impact Zone @ 30″ Wide by 32″ Deep
• Drop Height: 12″ to 72″
• Package Size: 32″ Deep with Unlimited Height or Weight

Incline Impact Drop Tester

• Payload Capacity: 1,000 Lbs.
• Max. Package Size: 60″ x 60″ x 60″

Additional Services

While the Advance Packaging Test Laboratory offers independent, third party ISTA testing services, Advance Packaging also offers expert package design services to test customers whose packaged product fails ISTA testing.

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