Printing Capabilities & Retail Packaging

Direct Print Flexo

Flexographic printing; also known as Direct Print when printing directly on a flat sheet of corrugated board is the most common type of print application used for corrugated products and much of the time the most cost-effective. The print can be as simple as a 1-color black part number on Kraft liner to a 7-color with a UV gloss coating on white-coated liner. Your graphics, choice of liner paper (Kraft, uncoated white, coated white), size and coatings will help determine which of our eight printing presses will print your job. We have 1-color to 8-color printers, ranging from 45 screen line per inch to 151 screen line per inch resolution. Our printers handle packaging as small as 7˝ x 15-13/16˝ to as large as 84˝ x 210˝.

Printing process images, photos and illustrations, directly onto corrugated board can be a daunting task for many. At APC it is an everyday part of our print production. With accomplished press operators, prepress, plate manufacturing and inks, plus over 30-yrs of tried, tested and perfected processes, we have the direct print process down.

Digital Print

As a leader in corrugated graphic packaging APC believes now is the time to enhance your brands and increase market share with digitally printed graphics. Our 63˝ x 126˝ HP Scitex 15500 corrugated printer will add stimulating graphics to about any size carton, POP display or pallet skirt. And quantity no longer has to be a factor in determining whether you can afford to get in the market.

The digital department is a controlled climate conditioned room inside our ½ million square foot corrugated production facility. Being in the corrugated business over 50 years gives us the tools and experience when it comes to corrugated results. This experience includes 6 packaging engineers that can design you a structural solution and 3 graphics specialist to assist with your artwork. So, we do not just digitally print, we make sure your corrugated project is going to work for you structurally and graphically, from our plant to yours to the market place to our homes.

Litho Labeling

As part of our corrugated graphics portfolio we offer the ability to laminate high-resolution litho printed labels directly to the corrugated board. We can apply spot labels or full coverage labels. Sometime a combination of litho labeling and direct print flexo is the best solution.

The variety of graphics capabilities Advance has enables us to determine and offer some of the best solutions for your graphics projects. Depending on your needs, desires and goals including the type of graphics, quantity, repeat orders and budget we have a solution and you will know what your getting in advance.

At Advance we offer many capabilities to fit your corrugated needs. Do you want to see if Advances printing capabilities are right for you and your business? Please click here and fill out the form in order to see our electronic portfolio at Advance Packaging Corporation.