Advance Packaging emphasizes sustainability in every corner of our business. From receiving the FTA Sustainability Excellence award 2015, to our commitment to recycling 100% of our office paper, to heating our manufacturing floor with recycled heat from our corrugator, each of our employees takes personal responsibility to minimize environmental impact. Our shared obligation to eco-friendly practices starts with our product itself. *Corrugated Packaging is the leading natural, recyclable packaging material with 92.9% of corrugated packaging being recycled nationwide. We believe in using our natural resources wisely to ensure their availability for generations to come.

Advance’s focus on sustainability encompasses the following initiatives:

Waste management: The responsible disposal and management of our hazardous and non-hazardous waste is a top priority at Advance. We seek to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste whenever possible and stay up to date on new and more efficient disposal methods. This includes blending our own ink in house to reduce ink waste and reusing any remaining ink.

Reduction of greenhouse gases: Through intelligent management of our supply chain and fleet we reduce emissions every day and minimize our impact on the environment. Additionally, Advance focuses on energy efficient design and operation within our facilities including utilizing an energy jet system to capture heat generated by the corrugator and redistributing the heat to 98% of the building. The high efficiency LED lights in our building are on motion sensors so that we’re constantly conserving energy and striving towards total efficiency.

Purchasing: When purchasing equipment or supplies for our company we take into account the environmental credentials of suppliers and consider environmentally responsible alternatives. To focus on a sustainable economy, Advance uses local or domestic suppliers whenever possible.

Employee Responsibility: Advance communicates sustainability initiatives regularly with all employees to encourage ownership of environmental impact in and out of the office.

Review: We review periodically, and, if necessary, revise, our environmental and sustainability policy to ensure that it continues to meet the highest best practice standards.

Through our green initiatives and sourcing efforts, Advance is proud to carry the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certification.

Our sustainable practices reach every part of our business including:

  • Remediated Brownfield Site

Advance’s 40th street building was developed over a remediated brownfield site and during construction we opted to reroute the drainage system to protect and preserve more than two acres of wetlands.

  • Responsible Water Use

Our building’s low flow water system and intelligent landscape design reduces the need for outdoor watering and ensures we are conserving earth’s most precious resource.

We treat our waste water on site, removing ink solids, to purify any water leaving our facility and guarantee no possible pollution can occur.

  • Eco-friendly Processes

Advance is continually upgrading our modern converting equipment so that we can use less energy and consume less ink in the process.

Through precision application of corn-based adhesives we can create a better bond while using less product.